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Smash Greywolf
13 February 1972
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I'm eclectic. My moods, tastes, and desires change like the wind. I'm often moved by sight and sound. Music is the voice of the soul, and Often, I identify my emotions with music. I respect and embrace change. The human side of me fears it, but the animal spirit side of me embraces it, and thrives on change. I'm racing myself through the game of life, and trying to enjoy, or at least appreciate every moment of it.

80's, amateur radio, animals, anthro, anthropomorphics, armor, armour, armoured furs, audio production, audio recording, bdsm, belled collars, bi guys, bondage, cars, cats, chicks, collars, computers, conquest tsi, cons, costuming, crack chicken (cluck u), cuddling, cuffs, dalmatians, dating, depeche mode, digitally imported, dirt bikes, diving, dj, dog boy, dog boys, dogboy, dogboys, dungeons, duran duran, electronics, fantasy, fast cars, fetish, filming, firedogs, firemen, foxes, fur cons, fur suit, furcon, furmeets, furries, furrotica, furry, furry cons, furry cuisine, furry culture, furry fandom, furry lifestyle, furry sex, furry transformation, furry video, fursuit, fursuit bowling, fursuit construction, fursuit performance, fursuit yiff, fursuiters, fursuiting, fursuits, furtherconfusion, fx makeup, gay sex, gear fetish, gearfetish, halloween, ham radio, harnesses, hugs, j-lube, jedi, kinks, kitties, kitty play, kittys, kneepads, ktm, leather, leather armor, leather armour, leather fetish, lycanthrope, lycanthropy, mascot costumes, mascots, midwest furfest, motocross, motorcycles, movie making, movies, music, oingo boingo, pet play, pet tags, phreaking, pink floyd, poi, pony play, prosthetics, puppy, puppy play, radio, role play, rubber, scuba, sex, sex kinks, sgi, shapeshifting, snow, snowsports, snuggling, spinning, spitituality, sports, star wars, stargate, starrion, starwars, switch, television production, therianthrope, therianthropy, tied up, transformation, transformation stories, underwater, uniform fetish, uniforms, video editing, werebeasts, weres, werewolves, wolves, women, wuff, yiff, yiffing, yifftastic